PghFree.Net's cPanel link

Our general cPanel login page.

Shared certificate

When you go to a secure site it provides a certificate which contains encryption information.   Our server has a certificate in its own name which is shared by a number of sites.   Most browsers produce a warning when they find a certificate that is issued to a domain which is different than the visited domain.   This can produce a warning which requires you to accept an "exception" that enables your browser to access the cPanel safely.   You can safely accept the certificate from our server.

Create a bookmark

You can easily access the cPanel for your website directly through your website domain by going to the following and creating a bookmark:


Notice the "s" after the http.   It stands for secure and enables an SSL connection which is the same as is used for credit card transactions.   You will need your username and password.   The ":2083" at the end is the "port" for your cPanel through a secure connection.   By using your domain and this configuration, you will be taken to the correct server with the active copy of your website, even if it is moved to another machine.