Conditions of Use -- Summary
Questions & Answers
Groups and projects must:
be noncommercial, nonprofit, and community oriented; benefit the general public or serve a specific population; and operate within the tri-state Pittsburgh region
Can we do online sales and/or take donations?

Yes, we provide a shopping cart and shared SSL for credit card sales (for fundraising) and donations.

groups and organizations must provide a current copy of their bylaws for PghFree.Net records -- if needed, technical assistance with bylaws preparation is available.
Do individuals need bylaws too?

No, but group bylaws are needed for us to know who has which responsibilities and how the group's decisions are made.

not engage in slander, libel, discrimination or other illegal activities; promote hate; or deliberately encourage or facilitate others to do so
Can we criticize public figures?

Absolutely, political discussion and discourse on public policy is encouraged.

make information about your group or issue available to the general public, including those who are disabled
Can we have a section for members and in-house use?

Yes, password protection and encryption are available but you must also have a public section.

make a point to share, with your group's constituency, information about community issues and resources offered by other PghFN participants.
Why should we want to share information about other groups?

Not only does it benefit the community, but in reciprocation more people will hear about your group with little effort.

not abuse PghFN resources or interfere with other PghFN website operations
What are the limits on storage and bandwidth?

You begin with whatever you need to get started and the limits can be adjusted later to fit your needs.

hold harmless and indemnify PghFN for damages from or to your group's operations.
Anything else?

Yes, we ask that hosted webpages acknowledge PghFree.Net (we can supply tasteful buttons).
Further questions -- use the contact form